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Phil Hippensteel

Phil Hippensteel on Errors and Audio/Video Transport

The way that bit errors occur in the creation or transmission of packets and how they affect the transport of media is a broadly misunderstood concept related to IP networks.   This is probably because media originally was transmitted in an analog format or as a non-packetized digital stream. I won’t examine those formats. Rather, let’s investigate how errors impact IP transport of audio and......

Phil Hippensteel on SRT Compared to QUIC

This will be our final newsletter to focus on Secure Reliable Protocol (SRT). We’ll investigate how it compares to QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections). You will recall that in our last two newsletters we learned that SRT is a protocol developed to deliver video over unreliable networks such as the Internet. It uses UDP, which is considered unreliable, as the transport protocol. However, it......

Phil Hippensteel on SRT v. ABR

In this second newsletter about Secure Reliable Transport (SRT), we’ll examine its impact on an IP network. Then, we’ll compare that to the behavior to the activity of adaptive bit rate (ABR), another video transport.First let’s recall the characteristics of SRT:negotiates a “session” in a manner similar to TCP.guarantees delivery of the packets.detects congestion in the network and adapts to......

Phil Hippenstteel on SRT

The next few newsletters will focus on the new transport protocol Secure, Reliable Transport (SRT). Introduced to the market by Wowza and Haivision, SRT has dozens of companies supporting it through their membership in the SRT Alliance. We’ll consider, at a fairly moderate technical level, how it works. Then we’ll compare it to other transport methods developed by the AV industry. Lastly, we’ll......

Phil Hippensteel on the Complexity of IP Networks

Recently, I was meeting with the AV staff of a local university. The objective of the conference was to introduce them to a new Ethernet based technology that is designed to carry video. I was providing a tutorial on its operation. During our exchange, I was pleased with their interest in the topic but surprised by some of their questions. They currently use an analog video distribution system......


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