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Advent Outfits Stanford Home of Champions Pt 2

Show 194-2 1/08/2018 1:01 PM

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SVC Podcast – Show Notes – Show 194-2

In this edition of the SVC Podcast, Contributing Editor Bennett Liles concludes his conversation with John Downie, Vice President of Digital Experience at Advent about their AV system creation for Stanford University’s new Home of Champions. John goes into detail on how Advent converted a gymnasium into a Stanford Athletics experience. He provides a look at how the 60 foot wide PixelFLEX LED video screen was mounted and he describes the creative process of eliminating reflections from the large display and balancing the brightness of it with the ambient room lighting.


Advent – Experiential Designers in Nashville, Tennessee

PixelFLEX – Stanford Home of Champions

FLEXlite NXG LED Display Panels

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